Living in fast-times

We all know (and feel) we’re living in time that’s going fast, and even faster every single day. And as part of this planet I was indeed in need to forcibly find ways to do things faster (like be up2date with technology), especially reading (books) and watching (educational videos). I need reading books because of programming, and according to my opinion if you don’t read you’re out, but if you don’t read at least 5-7 books per year I doubt in your ego to be good in this occupation, sorry, passion, and 10-12 would be ideally to keep you in good position. And as we see, today, education is mostly spread through lectures, videos or courses online. Fortunately we have tons of programs or companies with huge stack of video content that put you in position to master something in days maybe in hours (think for iTunes University, Coursera, Khan Academy or many many others).

Fast time

Fast time

In this short post I am going to write for two techniques I am trying to master to do things faster.

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SOA applications tech stack

There are a lot of times when I am asked to complete a stack of technologies for building a Service Oriented Applications. And of course, like for everything, also for this topic there are a lot of answers (and opinions). Using this post I want to express my opinion based in my experience (through years in building medium-to-large applications for public and private sector), what are pieces to combine a SOA lego. So, here I am going to explain what are technologies that could be used to build a SOA application, of course Windows environment friendly. But, this post, is not attempting to give a complete tech stack for this type of apps.



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Try not to beco…

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. A.A.

There’s a goal change, dimension change, strategy change, and life change if you follow something valuable. #me

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Scards & ICT Creativity of The Year

Second part of April was great time for me :D.
I justified (somehow) my absence in blogging for long time without new post.

Scards BC

Scards product

On 18th of April we inaugurated Scards, a project I’m involved for a year. Great products, great system. I really encourage to check it out.

ICT Creativity of the Year

ICT Creativity of the Year

Another great happening was on 26th of April, in Tirana, Albania. ICTS Media supported by several other respected institutions (and governments of Albania and Kosovo) organized Albanian ICT Awards, “The highest individual recognition” for contribution and achievement in technology for pas year.

I was very honored and lucky to be the winner of this award for what I’m really happy! I am really happy also for the project (for what I was estimated), Scards that made the difference and I hope will do also in the future.

So in this short post I just want to post some photos of the event I really enjoyed.

ICT Creativity of the Year

ICT Creativity of the Year

ICT Creativity of the Year

ICT Creativity of the Year

Please find some posts about event:

Thank you!

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ALNUG & ALSSUG takimi i dytë


Sot në ambientet e Innovation Centre Kosovo dy grupet e përdoruesve të teknologjive të Microsoft, Abanian .Net User Group dhe Albanian SQL Server User Group organizuan takimin e dytë me radhë, të përbashkët.


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Web API on IIS 8.0 – 405 Method Not Allowed for PUT

Lately I’m extensively developing my web services in ASP.Net Web API and generally speaking it’s good framework in supporting HTTP programming (REST “style”), even if it is in it’s early stages and needed more features to be “completed”.

Yesterday I had a very interesting problem when I published new version of my project (btw, I am developing web api in ASP.Net 4.5 and deploy it in Windows Server 2012 and IIS 8).

When I hit my web api with a PUT request (PUT -> web server’s response was error 405 (or method not allowed) while in same time my controller supported all types of requests (get, post, put, delete).

I was surprised with this error while just few minutes earlier everything worked perfectly.

I googled for some time and get disappointed with results – no solution found.

Started to think what I did with my web server and I remembered some “not friendly” touches :D in Web Server (IIS) Role configuration, like installing “WebDAV Publishing”.

I immediately uninstalled (unchecked) that “feature (not Windows Feature :D)” in Web Server (IIS) Role and everything started to work like a charm :D.

IIS Role WebDav

It was kind of a stupid solution (I have to admit) but finally everything worked fine :D.


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