SMUP: Simple Math Under Pressure

Simple Math Under Pressure

This is my latest app / game in Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).

Everything started as a test from an article I read that you can’t do even simple math under constant pressure. I did several tests, and it became a small but cute app I decided to put in store.


App starts with a simple screen with message that you can’t do simple math under pressure.


And touching a button it starts magical display of numbers with two possible answer you have to decide within seconds.


If you can’t manage to answer in time or touch the wrong answer you simply loose the game, seeing result if your record is broken achieving more stages (spending more time in game answering right results).


Game has gained a lot of traction at very beginning of the its life and I am very happy for this fact. I hope it will be used by people to start the day, getting up their brain with simple math because it worths.

So, get the app, give it a try and stick to it until you beat your last record.


About betim

An experienced SOA and Mobile software architect with a decade experience in building small-to-medium and large systems for public and private sector.
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