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SOA applications tech stack

There are a lot of times when I am asked to complete a stack of technologies for building a Service Oriented Applications. And of course, like for everything, also for this topic there are a lot of answers (and opinions). … Continue reading

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Registration error… Windows Phone with Windows Azure debugging problem!

You just have started to trying out the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7, and created your first sample application. Then , when you launch the admin page, you get this error: Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request. … Continue reading

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Why developers need interviews?

Short introduction Just a year ago I couldn’t imagine writing this blog-post, but since I passed some experiences I’m really convinced for what I am writing here. If you are employed (self | corporate | startup | freelance | other … Continue reading

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Contacts Factbook v1.1

I published an update for my application Contacts Factbook. This is not a major update but it brings some significant changes. From this version I also started with ads, and this is more a test I’d like see how it … Continue reading

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Windows Phone 7 Resurse

Të fillosh programimin për Windows Phone 7 është fare e lehtë por të gjeshë shpejtë resurset e duhura merr kohë dhe kërkime të ndryshme. Mendova se do të ishte shumë e mirë që të publikoj disa lidhje për burimet e … Continue reading

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Contacts Factbook v1.0

Today I am very happy because my first Windows Phone 7 application passed submission test and now is in marketplace. Name of application is Contacts Factbook that it costs 0$ and can be found here .

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